Works great for curly, kinky, wavy and frizzy hair. This proprietary tangle taming, incredible detangler does wonders on mixed and multi-textured hair. Our tangle free formula reduces breakage and promotes healthy natural hair. Excellent super detangling spray gently detangles all hair types and textures. Amazing and immediate results noticeable when brush or comb glides through hair. All natural ingredients; water shea butter coconut oil glycerin soybean oil aloe vera olive oil avocado oil jojoba oil liquid germal plus vitamin E tea tree oil argan oil rosemary oil citric acid. Paraben and Sulfate free. No animal testing. No GMO's Hand Made in the USA

Knots No More Spray 16oz

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  • Directions: Shake before use spray on hair or in palms and massage into hair as needed for moisture.Ingredients: water,Shea butter,coconut oil,aloe vera,glycerin,soybean oil,olive oil,avocado oil,grapeseed oil,jojoba oil,emulsifying wax nf vitamin e,tea tree oil,argan oil ,rosemary oil,jasmine oils,liquid germal(preservative). Size:8oz


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